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Welcome to the World of Breathtaking Frosted Glass Designs!

Do you want to bring elegance and beauty to your space? You've arrived at the right place! We take pride and pleasure in producing an outstanding variety of high-end film designs for all applications, including doors, shower enclosures and commercial designs.

Custom Frosted Glass Door Design: Open the Door to Creativity

Vetrilite's unique film products contain a wealth of creative expressions ranging from stylish to traditional and everything in between. Enter a world where your creativity has no limits! We offer the ability to customize your own unique look to complement your individual taste, whether you want a sleek and modern glass door or a more elaborate design etched into frosted opaque glass. Our talented artisans put their heart and emotion into every glass film design, guaranteeing that your decorative frosted glass texture is beautiful and unique.

Vetrilite art privacy frosted glass design are created with multiple textures and patterns all on one overlay laminate.

Custom colors can be added to the design to create interesting colorful designs.
Standard door light overlay panel size: 27 ”width by any height.
Custom door light overlay panel size: up to 49 ”width by any height.
Overlay leading can be added to create an additional illusion of actual stained glass.


Vetrilite's Endless Solutions For Decorative Glass Frosting

Looking to customize your shower space?  Indulge in the elegance of our customizable film designs. Your bathroom needs a little enchantment, and our designs for your shower enclosures provide it! Experience the tranquility of raindrop glass or the allure of textured patterns to create a quiet refuge in your home. With our distinctively creative designs, you may embrace elegance, utility, and the joy of refreshing showers.

Or if you are looking to bring your company's environment to life, the potential options are endless! Say goodbye to dull and monotonous offices, as our designs will redefine your perception of workplace aesthetics. Encourage collaboration with a eye-catching and unique frosted glass texture design on your glass while at the same time leaving a lasting impression on clients. We firmly believe that a creative environment nurtures innovation, and our unique frosted glass design bring out the best in your business.

Transform your living and working areas with stunning frosted glass texture designs. Check out our film designs and speak to our professional staff to help customize your glass design.

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