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Our mission is to make our world a little more beautiful by providing our customers with art glass for their homes and businesses which will enhance their quality of life every time they walk into their home or office.   

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Vetrilite’s proprietary process was created over a one-year span of Research & Development by combining proprietary software, digital imaging and 3d technology to create a unique fully customizable art glass laminate.

Vetrilite overlay art glass laminate is applied over any type of glass. Your imagination is your only limitation. Vetrilite can be used for doors, windows, and any other type of glass panels. We can create designs with different types of textures with or without color for projects big and small.

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  • Vetrilite is a one step decorative glass product that is easy to apply over any type of glass.


  • Vetrilite’s process was created by combining proprietary software, digital imaging and 3d technology to create a unique overlay laminate.


  • Vetrilite art glass designs are created with multiple textures and patterns all on one overlay laminate.


  • We have a library of standard designs to choose from which can be customized to your specifications at a standard width and height. Vetrilite can then be trimmed and applied on different glass sizes. Vetrilite is print upon order, thus eliminating the need of inventory.


  • Custom designs and logos can be created to accommodate high end customers.


  • Custom colors can be added to the design to create interesting colorful designs.


  • Standard door light overlay panel size: 27 ” width by any height.


  • Custom door light overlay panel size: up to 49 ” width by any height.


  • Overlay leading can be added to create an additional illusion of actual stained glass.

Vetrilite is proud to support

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About 4KIDS of South Florida:

Every day 7 to 11 children are removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment in our community. Many enter the foster care system. They are our community’s “modern-day orphans”—because their parents are not able to care for them. Many children will be separated from their siblings, sent out of their county, or go to live in shelters. 
Since 1997, 4KIDS has impacted the lives of 25,000 children and is propelled by the vision of a home for every child. Whether that is a child removed from their home for the first time, siblings who need to stay together, a young mom in an unplanned pregnancy who needs a refuge, or a young adult who needs a place to belong, 4KIDS is there with hope, homes and healing.

For more about 4KIDS of South Florida, please visit

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