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Nature and Floral are Vetrilite's first and ever-expanding collection. When we started our adventure, we wanted to recreate the feeling and effects you get from carving and etching glass without actually doing it. Many years have passed, and we are improving our technology daily. You never stop learning.

We can now help you with our innovative floral glass design and help you recreate any stained glass floral designs you wish to have on your glass.  Our glass film design helps you achieve any custom design without the hassle that comes with traditional glass replacement! Our floral glass design film designs are ever-expanding, and now you can benefit from all sorts of floral design on glass with simply installing a film over the glass, instead of replacing the glass. 

Our experts are trained to help you with whatever floral design on glass you want to achieve. Just tell us what design or vision you have in mind, and we will be sure to impress you with our high-quality glass floral designs. Our designers will help put your floral design into reality and we are more than happy to cater to your aesthetic and practical needs.

Below are some previous design projects. You can take a look at them and get some inspiration for your stained glass floral designs.  We offer glass design customization services depending on your needs.  Your satisfaction is our biggest priority.

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