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Vetrilite is the most dynamic Art Glass Laminate for all your residential and commercial needs.

We are a Film Design Studio based in Coral Springs.

Our designs are tailored to our customers' needs and wants.

We take etching to an all new level, because we do not etch.

We never touch or work on the structure of your glass.

We work on a film and turn it into a design that looks and feels like an etched glass, without the limits and complications. 

Privacy level, opacity, colors, texture, finishes (matte or glossy), clear areas in the design, all can be adjusted in existing designs or created as part of your own custom design. 

Vetrilite allows you (the customer) to have full control of your project: entry door design, office design, shower design, and/or any other place where a flat glass is and you want to change its look. 

At Vetrilite, quality and beauty is our main objective. 

We push film to its extreme, to show customers what can be really done and how you can make your project stand out.

Shower Designs offer the possibility of letting your inner design spirit run free. 

Starting from a basic glass frosting, up to full vertical customization.

Shower designs are about you and your space. 

Most customers look for a set amount of privacy.

Other customers look at it in utilitarian terms: the design will not show hard water stains.

Regardless of your starting point, we will work with you to add that element of beauty we all search and love to see around us. 

Your bathroom, your story. 
We offer a unique variety of standard designs that are  tailored to our customer's glass specifications. 

Your glass, your design is our mantra. 

Our passion for your design is second to none. We strive to always give our customer a design they LOVE. 

Residentially we balance need for privacy with light intake and customer's likes. 

Commercially we strive to educate our customer on what CAN be done to make their brand shine. 
Glass is abundant in office spaces, why not use it at your advantage?
It is a space where you can communicate to your audience, both internal and external. 
They are very important touch points. 
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